Thursday, 1 May 2014


Today I had the urge to get outside in between the showers and enjoy the brief moments of sunshine. I dressed the little one in her waterproof onesie, and out we went.

Rather a looming grey sky, but it definitely made the colours jump out at you!

Cleaning the pots ready for planting. R decided that it would be fun to sit in the suds, and even more fun to eat them.

Helping with the scrubbing.

My lovely mum gave me these, and they're brightening up the wall by the patio. 

Potting on the tomatoes, sunflowers and dahlias. They'll go back into the conservatory for a bit as we're still forcast frost.

She definitely loves getting in on the action!

Time for a bit of fun! (and a peek of the slightly grubby patio)

I was so impressed with our little munchkin today. Her words are really starting to come along, but even so I wasn't expecting her to say bubble! Maybe more buh-buu, but definitely distinct and understandable, more so than many teenagers! Another thing I was not expecting at 14 months was her to be able to blow bubbles! We had fun earlier in the week learning to blow dandelion clocks, which was met with a certain amount of success... some got blown, others got too close to her mouth and she ended up with the seeds in her mouth, pleh. But bubbles are so much harder, I struggle sometimes. She managed to grab the bubble stick just right and blow the bubbles too, just the right levels of puff. Well done R, a good few bubbles blown. Wow!

Not so impressed with the state of her waterproof. That's one muddy bum! Sign of an afternoon well spent in my view. 

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