Monday, 5 May 2014

Yarn Shop Day

Saturday was Yarn Shop Day, and so of course I had to investigate. There were many shops in the country putting on events for the day, and the Let's Knit website had a useful interactive map to help you find a local event. I left Mr P in charge of DIY, and the munchkin and I went off in hunt of the yarn shop.

Our local one (at least our good local one, one shop in our town sells about five balls) is in Thornbury. And rather good it is too! Apparently it's recently moved to a larger site (and I managed to end up at the old site first, oops) and so it feels nice and open, while still having plenty of wool.

Of course I had to come back with some souvenirs from the wool stop (yes, it's called The Wool Stop!).

I got the basket from a street stall - I love wicker baskets, so couldn't resist getting one, especially as I hadn't actually got one. The ribbon came from a gift shop, it's got elephants on it, yay! The wool is for a few projects: the stripey is for socks; the cream/brown to finish this hat, and the grey and purples for this, more elephants! Goodness know when I'll finish all these projects, I've got enough on the go at the moment.

My little helper seems to approve, though of course the wool belongs out of the basket.

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